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Advertise Where the Action is. And the Drama. And the Comedy.


Give your message the impact it deserves by advertising on the big screen. No other medium can match the benefits of cinema’s high-definition, towering canvas and fully engaged audience.


Spots are limited and sold on a first-come-first-served basis.


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Cinema Advertising Overview


Why Cinema?

Consumers love the movies. It is compelling and engaging entertainment, topping the list of leisure activities, and creating the number one weekend activity. Advertisers who take advantage of a captive audience of this magnitude have tremendous opportunity to send home a strong message about a product or service. 

The most successful companies are already using cinema advertising

Companies like Samsung, Shanes, GM, Nike, Home Depot, Funky Threadz, and Subway are already exploiting premium cinema advertisng. Finally, a medium where your business can stand out just as much as the international brands. Cinema advertising is affordable and accessible for all sizes of organizations.

Movie audiences are the trend setters in our market

Frequent moviegoers are most likely to be the early adopters of new products and services.

The best Return on Investment (ROI):
Cinema Revenue ROI results were 2.5 times stronger than TV.


Cinema advertising provides an uncluttered media environment

Cinema has the lowest ad avoidance of all media. The cluttered environment of print and the inattention of radio listeners leaves cinema the clear leader in engagement. In fact, 72% of moviegoers who recalled an ad in the cinema had not seen the ad elsewhere. Of those who had seen the ad elsewhere, 32% prefer the ad in the theatre which creates a higher positive engagement for your brand.  

You'll actually reach the local consumers and they'll remember your message

Movies are the place to be, 93% of people over the age of 12 went to the movies last quarter. 91% of moviegoers remember cinema ads, unaided, up to one week later.

Proven to increase sales

Customers will retain your message

The impact of theatre advertisements is ​uniquely high with an average of 71% awareness and 91% correct brand association in tested audiences.

Postive impressions for your product or brand

Cinema advertising delivers a premium marketing opportunity in a unique environment with an attentive audience, multiple consumer touch points, and new technologies delivering flexible and entertaining content.

Relaxed and engaged consumers retain messages

Audiences are comfortable and more emotionally receptive at the movies. The theatre experience is a communal, bonding event. Movie going is important to consumers and is a destination medium enjoyed with friends and family. 



Your ad will be shown multiple times before each movie

On average, consumers arrive at the theatre 19 miunutes ahead of time. Your ad will be prominently displayed on our big screen in a loop along with ads from other smart advertisers, giving your message the attention it deserves. Most often showing 4-6 times before every performance, you'll get over 150'000 impressions per year.

Consumers react to cinema advertising

Moviegoers are proven to make more positive decisions to leave their home and entertain themselves. Not only are cinema audiences attentive and engaged they are comprised of highly desirable, affluent, and educated consumers who are paying attention to your ad. Studies show that moviegoing audiences had a 91% better brand indentification than tv and are 70% more likely to be motivated by cinema advertising. Consumers in cinemas are more likely to buy your product or service.



How does this translate to our local market 

You may be asking yourself, "But what about The Pas?". We see the vast majority of the local and nearby residents through our doors every few weeks. As a bonus, we are also a destination for out-of-town visitors which allows your message to reach far outside our local market. When you consider the proven retention/recall rates of cinema advertising along with our attendance, there are few, if any, better methods to compliment your marekting strategy.

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