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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


We endeavour to bring you a top quality experience and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Within our F.A.Q. area you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. You can also send us an email by clicking here. (note: if the answer to your question is found below we may not prioritize our email response). We do receive a lot of emails and as such we may not be able to respond right away. 

Q. What is happening with the Lido and will it re-open? 

A. The Lido is transitioning to a not-for-profit community lead operation. We will reopen as soon as we possibly can.

Q. Are you playing _______ any time soon?


A. If we know what we will be able to play then we will have posted on our website, facebook page, instagram, twitter and any other social or online media available to us. If we haven't posted about it then we don't know yet.

Q. What do you take for payment?

A. We accept Cash.

Q. What are the prices for admission?

0-11 Years old $8.00

12+ Years old $10.00

The prices remain the same for different days, times, groups, or special circumstances.

Unless otherwise advertised. Subject to change without notice.

Q. Where can I find schedule information?


A. You'll find schedule information right here on our website, on our Facebook page and  on Instagram

Q. What time should we arrive in order to make sure that we get tickets?

A. We recommend arriving 30 minutes early. Even the longest line ups can look deceiving as we have such a large capacity. Usually we open the doors 45 minutes before the event. 

Q. Why does your popcorn taste so much better than other theatre's?


A. We use only the highest quality ingredients including Canadian grown, Non-GMO, Organic popping corn, healthy cooking oil and Organic sea salt. Find out more here.

Q. Is the Lido Theatre hiring?

Yes, we are aways looking for good team members and volunteers. You can apply by sending your resume to .


For management positions you can inquire in strict confidence by emailing August Rivalin at 

Q. Who owns the Lido?

A. The Lido Theatre is owned by August Rivalin, he is the great grand son of the founder - "Irish" Jean August Rivalin.

Q. How can I contact the President (owner)?

A. The most efficient way to contact August Rivalin is to email him. You may also call or text Mr. Rivalin at 204-627-9062.

Q. Does the Lido have birthday party packages. 

A. Yes, please contact us for more details. 

Q. Can I rent the Lido for my special event?

A. Yes

Q. Is the Lido Theatre wheelchair accessible?


A. Sort of, arrangements can be made to bring wheelchair dependent people in throuhg our back door. Please not that our restrooms are not accessible. 

Q. Does the Lido offer Group, Corporate, Business, or Educational bookings?

A. Yes

Q. Why don't you make the Lido as modern as other theatre's?

A. We are one of the most historically significant movie theatres in the world and as such we take pride in preserving our heritage. We have and will continue to make some upgrades.


We were the first completely digital cinema in Manitoba and we offer the latest in digital surround sound and digital projection. 

Q. Do you have official contest rules?

A. Yes, they are available here


If you feel like we should add to this F.A.Q. section, please email us your question and we will endeavor to add it here. 

Email us for more information. 

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