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NorCan Arts & Heritage Inc.


NorCan Arts and Heritage Inc. is a nonprofit community centric organization founded in 2021 dedicated to preserving and promoting arts, culture, and heritage in the north. 

Our mission is to bring together all members of the community of every class and creed helping one another while creating art, celebrating culture, and preserving the history and heritage of the north.

Our mandate is to develop, implement, and distribute programs and services to fulfill our vision.

NorCan is working towards the preservation and restoration of the historic Lido Theatre located in The Pas, MB. The Lido Theatre is one of the oldest and best preserved atmospheric theatres in Canada. Founded in 1930 as a movie theatre and live performance venue. The Lido is an amphitheatre and features an acoustically tuned auditorium. The Lido has been a central gathering space for the entire community for for 93 years. With its exquisite interior design, the Lido provides visitors with a unique experience, complete with a stage, dressing rooms, orchestra pit, piano, lobby, concession and box office, as well as Granpa Paul's Lido Popcorn.

NorCan created a food distribution program in 2023 which is helping anyone in need including elders, veterans, those living with disabilities, marginalized community members, those struggling with addictions and the unhoused. By creating strategic partnerships with local restaurants and  grocery stores we are able to help nourish hundreds of people per week that would otherwise go hungry.

Kindness and respect are at the centre of everything that we do. When we provide a meal for a person in need it is not just us dropping off a plate. Many times we are invited to share the meal with them, asked to assist with a small household task, or just be a kind and understand person whose willing and able to listen without judgement or discrimination. We have on going projects to support those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Setting a positive example and showing others that we all can be kind and respectful to any person being discriminated against for any reason is central to our organizational culture. Our arts and music initiatives provide spaces, supplies, and mentorship for people to create in a safe judgment free zone. 

Contact NorCan Arts & Heritage: Managing Director August Rivalin 431-668-3242

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