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Lido Theatre's Secret Recipe

Enjoy our premium Lido Popcorn as take-out or at the movies.

We select only the highest quality corn, the healthiest oils, the purest salts and prepare those using our own proprietary technology to create the best tasting and healthiest popcorn available.


Enjoy it at the movies or as take-out.


Why not stop by and take some home to share? Or better yet, keep it all to yourself.

Certified Organic
Canadian Grown

We source our popping corn from a Canadian farm producing premium Certified Organic, NON-GMO popping corn. By choosing Lido Theatre popcorn you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best, purest, healthiest popcorn available.

We ensure that we only use naturally sourced, chemical and preservative free, with no anti-caking agents, no chemical bleaching, 100 % pure salt.  Our salt is specially made just for us and is one more part of our secret recipe.

Our own Salt blend.
Delicious Results.

By combining nothing but the best ingredients and using our own proprietary cooking technology we have created a product which is better! Better tasting and better for you.  You can taste, smell and feel the difference when you are enjoying Lido popcorn. We take great pride in our popcorn and we know quality matters. 

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