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Grandpa Paul's Lido Popcorn!

Enjoy our premium Lido Popcorn from our Lido Popcorn Pop Ups.
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We select only the highest quality corn, the healthiest oils, the purest salts and prepare those using our own proprietary technology to create the best tasting and healthiest popcorn available.

Premium Butterfly Kernels

We source only the finest butterfly kernels. 

We use our secret blend of salts.

Our own Salt blend.
Delicious Results.

Combining the best ingredients and using Grandpa Paul's recipe from the 1950s give us the healthiest and best tasting kettle cooked movie theatre popcorn. You will taste, smell and feel the difference when you are enjoying Lido popcorn. We put true caring into making Grandpa Paul's Lido Popcorn. Tradition and quality matter to us.

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